We have some very interesting litters planned for Spring/Summer 2014

Litter 1

Father Greenhill´s Cooper C/C 0/0, eyes clear, to the litter is our Grand Ol´Man who has won a lot at showfield and has has also passed hunting/breedtests, mother Siimline´s Double FLame Aphrodisiac C/C 0/0, eyes clear,  is from our Portugese/UK dad combination,  we hope this litter will have very nice confirmation and ability to work.

Greenhills Cooper in ParisTara

Litter 2

Father to our 2nd litter is Siimline´s Lessons Learned  A/A, 0/0, eyes are clear, he is from our own breeding and has some very nice show records to brag with. Mother to this litter is Thornywait Candy Crisp  A/A 0/1, eyes clear, this will be first litter from our UK import girl, that we are very proud of, we hope to have some very nice outgoing puppies from this litter.